Superstition about…Underwear?

Posted February 13, 2012, under Superstition

Everyone’s heard that if you are nervous about giving a speech, you should picture your audience in their underwear, but did you know that there are real superstitions about underwear?


If you are having an unlucky day, try turning your underwear inside out and your luck will change.

It’s also unlucky to ‘fix’ your underwear while wearing it. Snuggie anyone? You know someone is always watching, right?


But here is one that I’ve never heard. If a bride wears no underwear, it enhances her luck in marriage life. I bet if you ask the males of the species, they would be happy with lingerie or nothing at all.


How about those cursed holes in your socks? Did you know that if you have two or more holes in your socks, it’s considered good luck? And here I threw all my holey socks away.


For the ladies out there, if your slip falls down, it’s said you’re thinking of your lover. But if your nightgown rides up, your lover is thinking of you.


Garters have always been regarded as lucky. If a girl sleeps with one under her pillow on Midsummer Eve, she will dream of her future husband.


Valerian leaves tucked in the underwear is supposed to make you irresistable to the opposite sex. Now where did I put my Valerian leaves? Gosh, I sure hope if anyone tries this that they are not allergic! Ouch!


How about you? Do any of these ring true for you? I accidently wore my underwear inside out one day. You try dressing in the dark. I have to say that I didn’t notice any extra luck.


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1 Comment

  1. Brenda on February 14th, 2012 at 3:42 am

    LOL, awesome post. You come up with some good ones.

    I’ve also wore my underwear inside out. And no, I didn’t notice any good luck.

    Dang, I tossed out all our socks with holes too. I’ve worn socks with holes in them, and again, I didn’t notice any good luck.