Mirror, Mirror On The Wall....

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Children are taught superstitions from an early age by their parents. A hundred years ago, parents used fairy tales to teach children to obey them or else. Have you read the original Brothers Grimm? If I was told those tales when younger, I would still be afraid to this day! In the last fifty years, people have tamed the fairy tales into nice bedtime stories, so as not to scare our children.



You might recognize the phrase ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall’, from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. But do you know that mirrors carry a lot of superstitions on their own?



Everyone knows that if you break a mirror, you are cursed with seven years bad luck. But did you know that there is supposedly a cure? Gather the pieces of the mirror and either bury them or throw them in a fast moving stream.


How about these myths?

  • Cover all mirrors when a death occurs to prevent the spirit from being trapped
  • If harm befalls the reflection, grief will come to the owner
  • Scrying -to divine information (The witch in Snow White, anyone? How about crystal balls?)
  • Some people in the olden days wore mirrors to deflect the evil eye


Of course, there is always the myth that vampires can’t see their image. But do you know why? Because, reportedly, their soul has already departed. They also predict that if you look in a mirror and don’t see your reflection, you will die soon. I have to say, if I looked in a mirror and didn’t see my reflection, it would freak me out!


Mirrors were also used by the medical community way back when as well. Seem strange? Well, if they couldn’t tell if the patient was really dead (comforting thought), they would hold a mirror under the nose. If the glass fogged, that meant they were still alive.


How about you? What superstitions where you taught when you were younger and still believe even though you know it’s irrational?


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Friday Fun Fact

Writers do a lot of research, and it can take us down some unconventional, twisted and tangled roads.


Do you know how a wake came into existence?


They family would put the body on display for three days to make sure the person was really dead. Apparently, they’ve had times where the person they buried was still alive. Remember, this was before embalming. Some illnesses and poisons can present like death. One reason I love technology.


Anyway, a scary thought is that it happened so many times, people were buried with a string tied to ones wrist. That string was connected to a bell topside. If you woke, apparently, you were supposed to have enough peace of mind to ring the bell and know help would arrive soon. Why would we even think to add a bell to a coffin? Well, people have found scratch marks on coffin lids where the not-so-dead have tried to escape.


The graveyard shift came from the men who would stay in the graveyard at night, shovels at their side, waiting for the bell to ring and dig up anyone mistakenly buried. Talk about yikes!


I’m not sure the bell would be comforting or just plain creepy. The good news is that most people believe this myth is a hoax, including the origins of the name graveyard shift. My thought is that this myth is so wide-spread, there could be some truth to the superstition. What we do know was that this system was invented and used. We also know that it wasn’t in practice for very long either. I’ll leave it up to you to draw your own conclusions.


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Movie Review: Something Borrowed

The previews of this movie looked fantastic when released May last year.


When I saw Something Borrowed on the rental shelf, I snatched it up. It’s been ages since I saw a romantic comedy!


Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Dex (Colin Egglesfield) meet in law school. Rachel instantly falls for Dex, only she’s too shy to say anything. Then she finally gets her chance. Dex asks her out. They were this close to something when Darcy (Kate Hudson), Rachel’s best friend, shows up and makes her move on Dex.


Instead of making a fuss, Rachel leaves, unable to bare to see them together. Afterall, they would make the perfect couple. Soon after, her best friend and her biggest crush become engaged. At her birthday party, Rachel drinks a little too much and blurts out she had a crush on Dex in college. She finds out Dex feels the same way when they share a scorching kiss and so much more. Now they must decide if their love is worth the risk of destroying their comfortable life.


The movie starts off great! I could sympathies with Rachel and rode the ups and downs of the movie with her. It didn’t hurt that one of her best friends was Ethan played by John Krasinski. He urges her to take the chance or she would regret not finding out what could’ve been.


Besides the fact that they sneak around Darcy’s back, I couldn’t help root for this couple. Isn’t Dex handsome? They made the perfect couple. Then Dex get’s an ultimatum from his family. Leave Rachel. Instead of growing a backbone, he drops Rachel faster than a hot potato. Not hero material in my opinion. The romance vanished from the story for me at this point.


The rest of the story fell flat. Well, almost. Rachel rescued the ending by deciding what she wanted in life and going after it. It’s not all sunshine and roses, but she knows she won’t have any more regrets.


I enjoyed the humor and the antics in the movie. My heart ached for the characters. And though the hero redeemed himself in the end, it was a little too late for me to give this movie anything better than three stars.



Movie Review: One For The Money

On Saturday, I went to the movie One For The Money. I read the book the night before and couldn’t wait to see how they converted it to the big screen.


As many of you know, I like to see the movie first, then read the book. After watching the movie, I stand by my claim. The book was way better!


I wanted to like it. I did. They cast the characters perfectly. The movie just ended up being…cute.


Unemployed and newly-divorced Stephanie Plum lands a job at her cousin’s bail-bond business, where her first assignment puts her on the trail of a local cop wanted for murder. Morelli…the bane of her childhood. Payback is going to be so good! Only Morelli is a little harder to get her hands on than she expected. Unwilling to give up, Stephanie digs into his life.


Handcuffs, guns, pepper spray, breaking and entering, stealing…this is her new life. Then Stephanie becomes the target. Morelli and Ranger do what they can to protect her. If she wants to stay alive, Stephanie must catch the real killer before he silences her forever.


Jason O’Mara played Morelli. When I read the book, I pictured him a little different. But as soon as O’Mara took the screen, he embodied Morelli. Isn’t he cute?




Ranger was played by Daniel Sunjata. He did an awesome job. The movie had more sexual tension between the two than I picked up in the book. This is one spot where I felt the movie was better.



Katherine Heigl was the perfect Stephanie Plum. That was until they started to diviate away from the book.


So what went wrong?


They removed all the angst and grittiness from the story. They made it a romantic comedy and took out everything else that made the book so good. A lot of the details were changed or removed altogether.


I think if I hadn’t read the book first, it would have been better. The only reason I’m giving the movie three stars is because they casted the characters so well.


Winter Wonderland....It's melting!

I live in the frozen north.


This is what it looked like outside my house Saturday morning. Beautiful!


To make sure I was safe from all the critters, the mighty hunter accompanied me on my photo journey in our front yard. Squirrels, chipmunks and birds everywhere cowered in fear.


Then a few hours later, the sun came out. The only sound you could hear was ice cracking. You won’t think it would be that loud, but that’s all you could hear.


As I drove out of the yard, crystals fell from the trees. I wish I could’ve gotten a few pictures to show you. Alas, I left my camera at home.


Though winter hasn’t been harsh this year, I miss the sun. I miss just walking outside without having to worry about layering. I miss sandals.


What do you think? Is winter officially over?