Series : A love/hate relationship

In the last post, we touched briefly on series. Let’s talk about it a little more.

I don’t know about you, but I love series. Any kind of series, new characters or old, it doesn’t matter. I will buy them. A little peeve of mine, though, is I need to start a series at the beginning. Nothing is more annoying than when the book assumes you know information or characters when you don’t have a clue.


  • Visiting the same world again.
  • Revisiting beloved or new characters.
  • You already know what to expect from the writer, so you pretty much know if you’ll like the story. No second guessing or doubts about spending the dough.

Pet Peeves:

  • Book covers not clearly labeled. I hate buying books that don’t indicate they are part of a series. I need to read books in order.
  • Cliff hangers. A mystery for the next book is fine, but leave the story unfinished is another thing.
  • When the author or publisher stops the series in the middle without giving us readers a satisfying resolution. Not cool.
  • Time between releases. Ugh. Need I say more?

I still read a number of ongoing series from years ago. I can’t seem to make myself stop. Here are some of my favorite series:

Michelle Sagara (Chronicales of Elantra)

Nalini Singh (Guild Hunter)

Devon Monk (Magic Series)

Lora Leigh (Breed Novel)

Marjorie M. Liu (A Hunters Kiss)

Ilona Andrews (Magic Series)

Diana Pharaoh Francis (Horngate Witches)

Karen Marie Moning

Gena Showalter

G. A. Aiken (Dragon Series)

Faith Hunter (A Jane Yellowrock Series)

Lili St. Crow (A Strange Angels Novel)

And at least a dozen more. What can I say? I’m a book hound. These are books that I will buy without reading the blurps or covers. These are the books that make me run home and stay up all night until they are finished. Some people re-read previous books before the author’s next release. I never done that before. I’m not much of a re-reader.

How about you? Do you like series or have any specific pet peeves? Also, do you re-read? What are some of your favorites?

Stalking the new releases

If you’re anything like me, you have a number of books waiting to be read. Or hundreds of the little buggers towering in a tbr stack that threatens to topple at the slightest movement.  The stacks taunt me every time I enter the room. I swear they multiply when I’m not looking.

That doesn’t stop me from stalking the internet for new books. Especially books that are part of an ongoing series I’ve been reading for months, if not years.

 Here are a few books I just purchased:

 I’m really excited to get started on these authors. Now I have two problems: Waiting for them to be delivered and deciding which to devour first.

How about you? Do you have a favorite series? Or are you waiting for any new releases this month?