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Electric Night - New Release

After long last, I’m pleased to announce the release of the fifth book in my urban fantasy series, Electric Night!


This is my tenth book (yay!), but I swear it was cursed. Every step of the production was delayed, but I think it turned out all the better in the end. Isn’t the cover gorgeous?!


Electric Night




Raven will go to any extreme to locate the missing member of her pack, even confront her murky past that still has the power to haunt her. A wild hunt leads her to an isolated mountaintop, where she and her pack are taken captive, and she learns that her nightmares are all-to real and more dangerous than ever. Every minute is a struggle to stay alive against the humans who would use her kind as nothing more than test subjects in their fanatical search to create the ultimate weapon against paranormals.




Determined no one else should suffer the tortures she endured as a child, Raven risks everything to destroy the labs, even bringing her pack to the brink of annihilation. If she can’t make peace with her past, she will not only lose her pack, but incite an all-out war between humans and paranormals.


Here is a short excerpt for you to enjoy:


Raven’s pulse raced at the prospect of seeing Durant again, her palms damp as she anxiously watched the door like a dog watching for his owner to return home.


Another ten minutes passed before two shifters entered, one male and one female, dragging a third between them. Wild energy poured off the two guards, their aggressiveness spilling into the cavern.


After a quick perusal, her attention dropped to the nearly unconscious man between them.




Her throat tightened at the sight of his still form, apprehension churning like acid in her gut.


His head hung forward, as if it was too heavy for him to lift. His hair was in disarray, the stripes she so loved more pronounced, as if he was fighting to keep his tiger from taking over.


The female’s grip turned brutal, her claws slipping free to slice into Durant’s shoulder, a twisted smirk of pure malice lighting up her face, clearly enjoying degrading someone already rendered helpless. The scent of Durant’s blood filled the air, and Raven clenched her fists, so furious she didn’t feel her claws slip free and slice into her palms.


When the woman shoved Durant, he dropped to his knees. His head slumped forward to rest on his chest, and Raven could hear nothing but the dragon roaring in her head.


She launched forward, slamming into the glass.


Magic shimmered in the air of the cell, and the symbols began to glow until they lit up like Christmas lights. Pain struck deep as her touch triggered the spell, the attack like someone trying to peel off her flesh.


A pleased smile crossed the female jailer’s face, her plan clearly to get a reaction out of Raven, along with her eagerness to cause harm.


But Raven didn’t relent, didn’t back away, her rage taking over. The dragon began to wake, a rumble building in her chest, until the glass beneath her palm rattled. One by one, the symbols seared into the glass blinked out of existence, leaving a charred image behind.


When she didn’t drop to the floor, withering in pain, everyone stilled.


Very slowly, the reinforced glass began to crack.


I hope you enjoyed this short preview! To find out what happens next, visit Amazon and purchase your own copy.


Electric Night Banner


Electric Night - Cover Sneak Peek...

I’ve been busy the last week and haven’t had time to post, but for good reason…I just hit the publish button on Electric Night! Whoohoo!


What that means is that the book should be live sometime this weekend! I’m super excited!! I’ll let you know as soon as it goes live.


For your patience, below is a little sneak peek of the cover for Electric Night.


Electric Night Banner


What do you think? Isn’t the color gorgeous? I can’t wait for you to see the full cover!

More information to come soon…


New Release - Druid Temptation


Druid Temptation by Stacey Brutger


The cover for Druid Temptation turned out fabulous.
I love the combination of color and magic!

Here is a blurb for your enjoyment:



Diana Legend was abandoned as a child when her Druid powers of premonition and her the ability to control animals manifested. Since then, her gifts have brought her nothing but trouble. She experiences stability for the first time in her life at a boarding school for children who have similar abilities, but when her new home is viciously burned to the ground, her life is torn apart a second time. The few students who escaped are now being hunted…including her. When a young girl goes missing, Diana breaks her vow of secrecy and uses her gifts to rescue the child, but soon finds herself trapped when her past finally catches up with her.


Gabriel Moran, Viscount Mendenhall, would do anything for his little girl. When a stranger saves his daughter, he is fascinated against his will by her otherworldly beauty. Having been burned by a beautiful woman in the past, he refuses to play the fool again. In his pursuit to learn more about Diana, he becomes embroiled in a witch hunt—with Diana as the target. Vowing to keep her safe, Gabriel purposes a marriage of convenience. Only his plan backfires when he falls in love with his new bride.


Diana refuses to allow her past to taint her future. She must embrace her powers to keep her new family safe from a lunatic willing to do whatever is necessary to take her captive. As the attacks become more violent, Gabriel is more determined than ever to save Diana, refusing to relinquish his only chance to live happily ever after.


Druid Temptation is now available at Amazon!

Below is Diana’s hilarious first introduction to London…



The lack of motion penetrated Diana’s consciousness, but the warmth beneath her encouraged her to linger…until the surface moved.


Her eyes shot open and it took her brain precious seconds to understand she was sprawled across Gabriel.


Mortified that she had practically crawled in his lap while she slept, she bolted upright, but the lack of space in the carriage left her nowhere to go.


Gabriel slowly reached out and tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear. “We’re here.”


His comment startled her so much she forgot her awkwardness. She leaned across him, bracing her hand against the door to peer out the window and study the house.


The dirty, crowded buildings had vanished, replaced by well-kept, majestic homes. The lawns were manicured, the hedges trimmed, everything was immaculate.


While there was beauty to this part of the city, it was still noisy, smelly, crowded and cold. She much preferred her forest.


Gabriel cleared his throat, and she glanced at him over her shoulder, suddenly conscious that she was once again stretched across his lap, her bottom practically swinging under his nose. Only then did she realize that she was supposed to show polite interest, not climb over him to gape at the house like a ninny.


She opened her mouth, but whatever she was about to say was lost in a face full of fur when Wolf wiggled himself between them.


“Wolf!” Diana lost her balance and landed on Gabriel in a tumble of skirts. She pushed at Wolf’s stubborn hide, lifting her arms to fend off his tongue, struggling to contain her helpless laugher. By the time the zealous dog settled down, she was on the floor, kneeling between Gabriel’s splayed thighs.


In that exact moment, the door to the carriage opened.


She could just imagine the picture she created—breathless, her face flushed from laughing, her hair tumbling about her after her struggle with Wolf.


Not the first best impression, but it ensured no one would soon forget.


She glanced back at the traitor, and saw the rascally dog innocently seated at the other end of the carriage, his head hanging out the window. She’d swear she could almost hear the beast snicker.



If you enjoyed the excerpt and want to find out more, Druid Temptation is now available at Amazon!

To celebrate my new release, I’m offering a SALE on Druid Surrender for ONLY $0.99!
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Druid's Surrender_banner


New Release - Druid Surrender

Druid Surrender by Stacey Brutger


Isn’t the cover beautiful? I love the mixture of colors and magic!
Without further ado, here is the blurb – think Druids in Victorian England…




Brighid Legend has been on the run for over a year, hunted by the people who murdered her mother. Born a Druid with the power to control the elements, Brighid knows her pursuers will never stop until she is under their control. To escape detection, she struggles to hide her powers and finds safety in a small, out-of-the-way village. But after a series of mysterious accidents, she fears something sinister has invaded her new home. While she searches for the source of the trouble, suspicion falls on her, and Brighid flees, only steps ahead of the villagers seeking vengeance.


Wyatt Graystone, Earl of Castelline, retires when the life-and-death clandestine investigations he did for the Crown becomes more tedious than adventurous. Something vital is missing from his life. The last place he expects to find the missing spark is in a woman he literally leaps through fire to rescue from being burned at the stake. But the danger is far from over. To his frustration, the infernal woman adamantly refuses his assistance, pushing him away at every turn, when his only desire is to claim her for his own.


But someone has targeted Brighid for a reason. As the threats to her life intensify, Wyatt is determined to uncover her secrets and do whatever it takes to ensure she survives. When their pasts come back to haunt them, they must overcome their worst fears or risk losing everything. Saving her life is the biggest battle he’s ever faced…and the only one that has ever mattered.


Druid Surrender is now available at Amazon!


Please see below for a short excerpt on how Brighid managed to get herself captured and nearly burned at a stake for being a witch…



Torchlight shimmered through the trees as people drew nearer, the light threatening to steal the precious shadows concealing her.


A twig snapped much too close for her comfort. Brighid bit back a yelp and swiveled, frantically searching the trees for the ones determined to drag her to her death. The boogeyman was alive and well in these accursed woods, and baying at the moon for her blood.


Refusing to go meekly to her death, she pushed off the tree and promptly smacked into something hard, large and…goddess save her…human.


Brighid threw herself backwards, only to have strong hands seize her arms and hold her fast. She muffled her scream behind clenched lips, unable to afford drawing more attention.


One person she could evade, more would seal her fate.


She swung out wildly, and cursed when she only ended up hurting herself by slamming into a solid wall of muscle. She brought up her knee to drop him, but her skirts hampered the blow.


Panic clawed up her chest. She couldn’t allow herself to be trapped, or they’d use her as fodder for the flames.




Her head snapped up at the raspy sound of her name, and she stilled. A small kernel of hope seized her throat, and she swallowed hard around the lump. “Brin.”


Relief made her knees wobble, and she clutched at his forearms. “Thank heavens. You have to help me. The villagers believe me to be a witch. The men are building a pyre and plan to burn me at the stake.”


As the torches drew ever closer, she couldn’t tear her eyes from the hypnotizing, deadly flames.

She slowly backed away, trying to melt into the surrounding trees when muscular arms tightened around her. The first hint of unease skittered along her nerves. Dread slithered down her spine, and Brighid turned to face him. The complete lack of compassion nearly crippled her resolve. “Please, not you, too.”


“You and my sister were alone in the factory, and now she’s dead in her grave. Because of you.” The once-laughing eyes of her friend were as bitterly cold as the North Sea.


His indifference to her plight was almost more damning than his words, the blow striking down the last of her hope in one fell swoop. “You know me. You know I would never hurt anyone. Someone has been sabotaging the mill, laying the blame on me to cover their tracks. Your sister had proof. We met so she could show me, only someone else arrived first and silenced her. Those stairs didn’t collapse on their own. Someone killed her.” Brighid hated the plea in her voice, but she didn’t know how to pierce the thick wall of suspicion he wore like a cloak. He had to believe her. She’d never be able to escape without help. “Killing me won’t stop the accidents.”


“You cast a spell on her. My sister wanted to be strong and independent like you, and it cost her everything. Without your influence, she would still be alive.” His hold tightened, his arms threatening to crush the life out of her. Her fingers tingled, threatening to go numb from his unrelenting grip, and she knew she’d have bruises along her arms come morning.


If she lived that long.


“Brin.” Shock rooted her to the spot. His hatred leached the last of the warmth from her bones.


Frustration brought a rush of tears to her eyes, and she swallowed hard, pressing her lips together, refusing to let them fall. Her powers stirred deep in her bones, sensing the threat, and her breath stalled in her chest.


Holding back her powers was like battling the wind…impossible.


Voices drew closer and apprehension swelled through her, doing its best to strangle her. “I mourn the loss of your sister, but if you don’t release me right this instant, you’ll become nothing more than a murderer and you know it. Your sister would be ashamed of you.”


Silence thickened as he shot her a hesitant glance from the corner of his eye.


His arms gentled.


Surprise coursed through her, her rising powers slowly evaporated, and she pressed her forehead against his shoulder, relief leaving her giddy. “Thank heavens. For a moment, I feared—”


“She’s here!”


His shout dried the words on her lips.


“Don’t do this.” Her voice quivered as fear gnawed at her insides. She shoved at him in a blind panic, but his hold remained a most effective cage. Individual voices rang out in the unnatural silence. The chant of kill the witch echoed in the treetops, surrounding her until it was all she heard.


Nightmares of another time sank their claws into her mind. Her mother’s screams of agony, the smell of her singed hair and charred flesh thickened around her until her stomach gave an alarming lurch. She ruthlessly shoved the horrors of her past away, burying them deep in her mind where they belonged.


“Please! Think. You know me. I’m no witch!” The torchlight grew brighter, the villagers advancing much too fast. She watched the flames dancing through the trees in morbid fascination.


Flames that would soon scorch her skin.


Heat she could already feel nipping at her skirts.


She couldn’t have eluded the massacre at her school only to die here.


“B-Br-in.” Her teeth chattered, making her stutter. Desperation warred against resignation. The moment stretched as the villagers emerged from the forest like spiders crawling out of the darkness.


The finality of her fate settled hard on her shoulders.


A future that seemed almost predestined.


She did not want to die.


Power sizzled along her skin, eager to be unleashed. Only there were too many people. They were too spread out. She had to bide her time. For once in her life, her powers obeyed. Heat sputtered under her skin and slowly absorbed back into her body, biting along her flesh like a swarm of bees in retaliation for being denied, leaving her panting and shaky and utterly helpless when it vanished.


She turned and studied the determined, enraged faces of her executioners. Not one of them would step forward to stop this atrocity. She narrowed her eyes, scrambling to devise another plan. Her cousins were counting on her to stay alive and rescue them. Escape might be more difficult than it had been in the past, but she’d survived too much to surrender now.


Druid's Surrender_banner


If you enjoyed the excerpt and want to find out more, Druid Surrender is now available at Amazon! Wyatt and Brighid are the perfect couple. I hope you enjoy their story!