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Summer television...

I used to dread Summer television. All the good shows ended at the school year, and the stations would put on re-runs and pilot shows that usually bomb. But in the last few years, I’ve been noticing a change in the programing. They are putting out seasonal shows that run just during the Summer and some of them are darn good!


My DVR system broke last year. I had to write down all my movies and shows. A lot of them I just stopped recording. One show I was on the fence about was MTV’s Teen Wolf. Have any of you seen it?


I took a chance and recorded it. Am I glad I did! I forgot how much I loved this show!

Each episode is action packed and full of drama. The actors are wonderful, not to mention gorgeous!


Case in point is this picutre of Hale played by actor Tyler Hoechlin. And he is not the only one. There is plenty of eye-candy to go around for everyone.


I also enjoy the love interest between Scott (Tyler Posey) and Allison (Crystal Reed). Scott is a wolf and Allison comes from a long line of wolf hunters.


For me, it’s the characterization of each person on the show that’s captured my attention the most.  All the characters are so deliciously damaged, you can’t help root for them. Their struggle to just survive pulls me right into the story and keeps me coming back for more.


The storyline isn’t a slouch either. I love how everything is built on myths and legends. This year they’ve added a pack of alphas for our cast to fight, and a mysterious Druid that is going around killing people. Double win!


So if you like murder, mystery, drama, quirky side-kicks, off-beat humor and forbidden love, I would highly recommend watching Teen Wolf on Monday nights on MTV.


What about you? Any Summer shows that you are loving right now? I’ll be mentioning more of my favorites in the coming weeks.


Howloween Blog Hop -Contest!


Friday, October 26, 2012


Monday, October 29, 2012 @ midnight.


I love Halloween. The atmosphere. The haunted castles. Scary movies. Ghosts and the paranormal. The sheer fun of scaring yourself silly. Let’s not forget the candy. On this magical night, the veil between the living and the dead thins and anything seems possible.


Do you know the story behind the popular custom of Jack-O’-Lanterns? A light is inserted in a pumpkin to create a lantern then placed outside to guide lost spirits home when they wander free on Halloween. Is that both sweet and creepy to anyone else?


Now onto the contest: To be entered to win a $5 Amazon Gift Certificate, leave a comment and either tell me what kind of paranormal creature you would like to be if you had a choice or your favorite scary movie. Don’t forget to leave your email address so I can let you know if you won!


I love zombies, so my favorite zombie movies are Serenity (Hey, it counts, lol), Resident Evil and the TV series The Walking Dead. I could rattle off a few dozen more, but I’ll spare you. I can’t seem to get enough of them. As for for my choice of paranormal creature, I think it would be fun to have magic. In fact, a lot of my books include some sort of magic…along with vampires, shifters, witches, demons, angels and yes, even zombies. I’ve included a short excerpt below of The Demon Within if you’re curious.


Now post. I can’t wait to see what you’ve decided!


Don’t forget to visit other authors who are participating and giving away their own prizes:


The Demon Within Excerpt:

(First meeting with the hero)


Caly met the open-eyed stare of the stone man, forever captured in time. Caly’s lips parted, and her breath stuttered out of her mouth.


There was a God.


The man — and from her view kneeling on the moss covered ground, he was most definitely a man — was absolutely gorgeous. Not in the normal sense, not by Hollywood standards. Prominent cheekbones, a full, sharp nose and a strong jaw kept his face from being too feminine.


Desire twisted through her. A deep yearning tightened her chest, and a bubble of hope swelled. This was a man she could depend on to not let her down. When she looked at him, the chaos inside that defined most of her life settled.


She felt normal.


Then reality crashed over her.


Desire for a damn statue.


How ironic she could be attracted to stone when living men left her cold. But here, in the middle of nowhere, she found a man who turned her on like nobody else, and he wasn’t real. It was enough to make a grown girl cry.


Little details filtered into her brain, and a thrill of excitement thrummed under her skin. The answers she sought about her condition were stuck in the past; she only had to uncover the clues. Since they’ve landed, he was the first concrete hint something was off.


This was why she came here. What quieted her protests against the mission. All for the chance to learn if there was a possibility for her to be fully human again and finally destroy the demon infection that had taken root and flourished in her body. Every day, it ate away her humanity. Relished the fighting a bit too much. Each time the darkness opened up in her, the more she wondered why she fought it at all.


The mission forgotten, Caly took her time to catalog the odd details. The statue wasn’t what she’d come to expect from this region. Instead of native garb, the grey stone man had chiseled, close fitted pants.


Two inch carved straps crisscrossed his chest, appearing to almost dig into the stone. His long hair, wild with waves, was tied back from his face. Her fingers twitched to run her hands over him. Though his complexion was tinged green with age, the fierce expression drew her gaze instead of repelling her.


The turn of his lips was anything but sensual, yet their fullness made her think of sex and what a man could do with a mouth like his.


Strong shoulders led down to a lean, sculptured chest. His open shirt did little to disguise his physique. The statue shouldn’t have impressed her, but it was as if the stone called to her. A streak of light filtered through the canopy, wavered a moment then illuminated him like an offering.


Something just for her. She had to curl her fingers into a fist to resist touching him.


As she watched, she swore his chest moved to breathe.


What's the most commonly believed superstition?

What do you believe is the most commonly believed superstition? How about the horoscope? Hasn’t everyone read a fortune cookie or turned the paper to the horoscope section just out of curiosity?


Horoscope is also known as Astrology. There are twelve houses into which the calendar is divided. Each house has it’s own characters and people born between the dates are thought to have the same traits.


  1. Aries – 20 March to 19 April -The Ram
  2. Taurus – 19 April to 20 May -The Bull
  3. Gemini – 20 May to 20 June -Twins
  4. Cancer – 20 June to 22 July -Crab
  5. Leo – 22 July to 22 August -Lion
  6. Virgo – 22 August to 22 September – Virgin Maiden
  7. Libra – 22 September to 23 October – Scales
  8. Scorpio – 23 October to 21 November- Scorpion
  9. Sagittarius – 21 November to to 21 December – The Archer
  10. Capricorn – 21 December to 19 January – SeaGoat
  11. Aquarius – 19 January to 18 February – Water Carrier
  12. Pisces – 18 February to 20 March – Fish


Everyone wants knowledge of the future, don’t they? We have too many names throughout history for this to be a fad:

  • Astrology
  • Fortune telling by cards
  • Horoscope
  • Numerology
  • Foretelling
  • Prophecy
  • Clairvoyance
  • Zodiac
  • Tarot Cards


People have always been fascinated with the unknown. Some consider it superstition, others consider it a science. For hundred of years, people invited fortune tellers to parties to entertain their guests. If someone was able to tell you your future, would you take the opportunity?


I would love to know my future, but I would also be very leery of learning too much. So, yes, it would be fun to play, but not so much in reality.


Thank you for joining me for superstition week! I hope you enjoyed the posts.


Are you shy of cameras? There could be a reason why

Do you hide when a camera is pulled out? I know I do. But did you know that some cultures consider taking their picture taboo? They believe that the image of a person contains some of their life-force. Anyone who obtains the picture of their likeness also acquires a degree of influence over them. Photographers are known as soul-catchers. How creepy!


It’s considered reckless to be photographed with an animal, which may be a witch in disguise.


Others consider pictures good luck. Motorists often fix a photograph of their loved ones on their dashboard to protect them from accidents.


Have you destroyed a picture? It’s bad luck to destroy a picture of someone who is still alive. It could cause them harm.


It’s also considered bad luck to hang a picture on the wall and have it fall.


Have you heard about death pictures? When cameras first came out, it was considered common to take pictures of the dead to honor them.  Photoalbums of the dead. Don’t believe me? Look online. These pictures give me the hebbie-gebbies! I won’t even post a picture here. Nu-uh.


I think pictures can be magical if done right. Some photos are down-right spooky. Have you seen the pictures where there appears to be another person in the image…one who was not present at the time the photo was taken? Some say ghosts, others say over developed film. What do you believe?


I’m not sure I believe any of these, but I’m sure not going to volunteer to pose for any pictures soon.


Cat Lovers: Beware or Good Luck?

Good or bad, cats have aways been part of human lives and superstitions.


The first domesticated cat was in Egypt around 3000 BC and revered by everyone. They were held in such high esteem that there was a law to protect them from injury and death. You hurt one, you died. When a cat died, the entire family would morn. Both the rich and the poor would embalm their bodies, wrap them in fine linen, then place them in a mummy case created from bronze or wood (sacred in Egypt for its rarity). They even had a feline-headed god called Bast.


Overpopulation turned the luck of cats around. These furry gods became a nuisance. Alley cats were often fed by poor, lonely ladies, when the witch hysteria took Europe. They became known as a witch’s familiar, often killed along with its owner, and nearly hunted to extinction. Some say that they survived because they had nine lives.


Many people believe black cats bring good luck, but it’s unlucky to have one cross your path. If anyone finds the perfect, pure white hair in a black cat and plucks it out without being scratched, they will find great wealth and good luck in love. Although, another myth says to pluck the white hair may bring you bad luck. The real question is can a person resit plucking grey hairs?


Some fishermen’s wives believed that their menfolk would return safely if a black cat was kept in the house. The price for cats became so high that few sailors could afford them. It’s also considered good luck for a cat to be on board a ship. Anything that means less mice works for me!


No cat which has been purchased will ever be any good at catching mice. That would explain the mice in our house, then.


Some cultures believe if you wash your cat, it will bring rain. Although my cats are facinated with water, if I even think about giving them a bath, it would be a fight. One the cat would win, paws down.



  • Mummifying a cat and placing it inside a wall will ward off evil spirits.
  • A black cat crossing one’s path by moonlight means death.
  • A neezing cat is a good omen for anyone who hears it.
  • To dream of a black cat is considered lucky.
  • A cat at a wedding is supposed to bring good luck.
  • It’s bad luck to chase a cat out of the house.
  • Drown a cat and the devil will get you.
  • If a cat leaps over a corpse, the dead will become a vampire.
  • Some believe that black cats carry demons. Others believe they are witches. Some myths say cats are human souls, trapped as punishment for their evil deeds. (I’ve met cats like this.)


Some people wanted to get rid of their cat, but were so afraid of bad luck, they would hire professional feline hit men to do the deed.


King Charles I of England owned a black cat. He treasured the cat so much that he had his guards watch over it 24 hours a day. The day after the cat died from an illness, the king was arrested.


Do I believe the superstitions about cats? I’ve had days when the cat does something so odd, that it’s spooky. How about you? Have your fur babies done anything that you consider suspicious that makes you stare at them and wonder?