Review: Fire of the Dragon by Lori Dillion

I found this book by reading a blog. At the word Dragon, I was hooked! After reading the blurb, I knew I had to read it.



Title: Fire of the Dragon (Bestiary Series)

Author: Lori Dillon

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Amari Press via Net Galley

Release date: April 2013

Pages: 354






Being sent back in time to the Middle Ages wouldn’t be so bad if the knight in shining armor who comes to your rescue didn’t swoop down in the form of a fire-breathing dragon. Unfortunately for Jill Donahue, that’s just the way things have been going in her life lately.


A Maiden

Wrenched back in time through the magical power of an old dragon tapestry found in a vintage clothing store, Jill Donahue lands in an ancient medieval town where the villagers decide to sacrifice her to the local dragon. As if the threat of being eaten alive by a giant flying lizard isn’t bad enough, she learns there’s a curse surrounding the tapestry and she has to break it in order to get back to her time. But she isn’t the only one whose fate is tied to the ancient weaving…


A Dragon

Baelin of Gosforth is a valiant knight who has been cursed by a vindictive witch to live as a dragon for eleven months out of each year. Now he has thirty days to break the curse or he turns back into a fire-breathing beast and, as much as he hates to admit it, he needs Jill’s help to do it.


And A Curse 

Forced to face many challenges along the way—from the harsh world they travel through to the fiery passion they both try to deny—each is determined to break the curse so the other can get their happily-ever-after. And it just might work, if Jill can manage to overlook the fire-breathing, bat-winged remnants of Baelin’s dragon half long enough to see the man beneath the beast and get the job done.




The book started off as you might expect, implementing the much used trope of touching an antique and being sent back in time. Then something happened, the magic of the writing sucked me right into the story. Jill only wanted to wake up from the horrible dream. She doesn’t believe she’d been sent back in time until they tied her to a stake and sacrificed her. Fine, she could deal with a little drawback. But when that little problem turned into a full-fledged dragon attack, she believed. Now, she just needed to survive. When said dragon turned into hunky and very much naked man, Jill discovered her problems were just beginning. In order to return home, she must help this knight break the curse binding him…and not loose her heart to his chivalrous, scaly hide. He’s just too scrumptious to keep her hands off him.


Hundreds of years have gone by for Baelin in the form of a dragon. Each year that passed, he lost hope of finding the one maiden said to set him free. From the moment he rescued her, he knew Jill was unlike anyone he’d every known. For one, she doesn’t run screaming in fear when she discovered his true nature. She stood up to him, even dared flirt with him. He vowed to do whatever it took to protect this brave, foolhardy woman, even if it cost him the freedom he’d craved for centuries.


Jill was very much a modern woman and a misfit in this new century, every move only made their impossible mission more difficult. I enjoyed her attitude…most of the time. Baelin was a true knight in tarnished armor. I adore him in all his scaly glory. Jill drove Bailin bonkers. Instead of focusing on his curse, he must use all his stealth and charm to protect this maiden from harm. She befuddled him at every turn, stealing his heart without him even knowing there was a danger. And he’d give it gladly if she would just kiss him again. His yearning for companionship just melted me into a gooey puddle. Add a side-kick, who just happened to be an honest-to-goodness dragon slayer and his loyal servant, a quest, curses, an evil queen, torch-wielding villagers…what else can you ask for in an epic adventure!