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Review: Dog with a Bone by Hailey Edwards

This cover caught my attention right away. Isn't it gorgeous!? I previewed the first chapter online, and I was blown away by the awesome action. I had to read it!


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Title: Dog with a Bone (Black Dog Book 1)

Author: Hailey Edwards

Genre: New Adult Urban Fantasy

Publisher: Self-Published via NetGalley

Release date: October 2014

Pages: 184

ASIN: B00O99U15C


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Half-bloods with Thierry’s skill set are given two options. They can join the conclave’s marshal program, or they can pack their bags. Turn down the job offer, and you’ve just shredded your residency pass for the mortal realm and booked yourself a one-way ticket to Faerie.


Texas is the only home Thierry has ever known, and she’s not going anywhere. Even if it means following in her notorious father’s footsteps as a peacekeeper. But pinning on the badge opens her eyes to the fact sometimes fae need protection too, and that sometimes humans are the real monsters.




To become a marshal and prove to everyone that she is not just a half-blood, Thierry must pass the rigors of training. That's the easy part. As the only graduate of her class, Thierry and her partner are assigned their first case…only it isn't as simple as they predicted. People are dying, including other marshals. They call in backup, but if they wait, the killer and their only lead will vanish. Too rescue as many of the missing fae as possible, Thierry and her partner must survive a gauntlet of monsters or risk becoming captured themselves.


This book opens up with a bang…Thierry running an obstacle course against her hunky succubus trainer. I love the sexual tension between the two of them. But when we reach the second chapter, it's like I picked up a totally different book. All the excitement and danger vanish, and the kick-ass Thierry turns into a relatively normal teenager. Yes, I know this is a new adult novel, I just didn't expect such a deviation from the first chapter. Anyway, once we hit the marshal case, the action snaps back into place, but it took me a while to get back into the story again. I really enjoyed the unique monsters that were introduced and the unusual ways Thierry used her abilities to solve the case. Thierry and her trainer are the perfect match, but the book felt too short to really get to know them. Which is a pity, because they sound like fascinating people. Overall, the book was an enjoyable read that could've been more if it had been longer.

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Jennifer Bielman
Jennifer Bielman
9 years ago

Love that it starts out with a bang. sounds like a great UF

Stacey Brutger
Stacey Brutger
9 years ago

Thanks for stopping by Jennifer!

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