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Review: Bruja (Alpha Girls Book 4) by Aileen Erin

I read the first book in the Alpha Girls series last year and fell in love with the characters. The fourth book, Bruja, is a spinoff from the main series. I wasn't sure how I felt about the change, but I was curious enough to pick up the book. Witches, magic, werewolves and vampires…what more could a girl want, right?




Title: Bruja (Alpha Girls Book 4)

Author: Aileen Erin

Genre: YA Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Ink Monster, LLC via NetGallery

Release date: May 2015

Pages: 199


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Claudia de Santos has always looked out for every witch but herself. She fought from the shadows as her coven turned dark, and with a little help from her half-witch/half-Alpha werewolf cousin, Teresa McCaide, Claudia is doing everything she can to keeper friends and family in the light.


Now the coven has splintered into two factions: Luciana’s army of witches wielding dark magic, and Claudia’s few stragglers who fight with the wolves. War is coming, and it won’t be much of a battle if Claudia can’t find the spells to counteract Luciana’s demonic power. But Luciana strikes before they’re prepared, and Claudia’s twin brother pays the price. Suddenly, going to Peru in search of ancient Incan magic doesn’t seem so crazy.


Fighting evil will require a pure spirit, but her quest is full of temptations, including a handsome Peruvian guide with secrets of his own. Finding love is the last thing on Claudia’s ever-growing to-do list, but sometimes what you need has a way of seeking you out.




Claudia always believed her cousin would be the one to take over the leadership of the witches and right the horrible evil that has taken root in the coven. The last thing she ever expected was to be thrust into the role herself. To protect her friends, Claudia and a handful of friends escape the witches compound and take refuge with the wolves. But the coven refuses to let them go without a fight, and the bindings tying them to the coven tighten like a noose. Claudia must use her magic and wits to free them before they are all dragged back to the coven and used to raise hell on earth.


Bruja followed the rest of the series surprisingly well. I wasn't sure how much I would like having another narrator, but it worked. Claudia wasn't as strong of character as her cousin, but her magic was unique enough to keep me interested. Unfortunately, self-doubt and lack of decisiveness watered down the book for me. I loved getting to know Lucas, but the attraction between them didn't feel real. I needed more romance and spark. That said, I thoroughly enjoyed the magic portion of the book, especially the temple scene where Claudia finally grows into herself…it just took her most of the book. So while the book was enjoyable, I liked reading about the wolves more.



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