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Review: Alpha Unleased (Alpha Girl Book 5) by Aileen Erin

I've been following this series from the beginning, so when I saw book five was available, I snatched it up! *squee* Witches, vampires, magic and wolves—not to mention not-stop action—what more could a girl want?




Title: Alpha Unleased (Alpha Girl Book 5)

Author: Aileen Erin

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Ink Monster, LLC via NetGalley

Release date: September 2015

Pages: 221



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Tessa McCaide has had it up to here with supernaturals. Luciana may have failed to steal Tessa’s magic, but she’s just getting started on her crusade for magical domination. If her demonic summoning isn’t stopped, it could mean the end of everything.


Tessa’s allies, including her mate Dastien, are ready to fight, but they’re no match for Luciana’s power. A little help (and ancient Inca mojo) from Tessa’s cousin, Claudia, may give the side of good a chance if she can make it home in time, but stopping the war is no longer an option.


When witches and wolves fight, no one wins. Only time will tell who will still be standing after the last spell is cast.




Being part witch, Tess has never had what one would call a normal childhood. Meeting Dastien helped make sense of her chaotic world—even if he accidently turned her into a wolf. As she struggles with the new changes in her life, all Tess wants is a chance to spend time with her mate without someone trying to kill her. The witch, Luciana, hates wolves with a passion and will do whatever is necessary to destroy them, even steal the powers of her fellow witches. Tess barely escaped with her life, but others weren't as lucky. Determined to stop the evil spreading across the country, Tess gathers her friends and allies together, but this time, it might not be enough to save the world if they don't find a way to stop Luciana before she literally releases hell on earth.


I can't seem to help myself when it comes to this series. I loved the characters and the world building, and each successive book just gets better and better. Tess and her friends were portrayed so realistically, they came alive on the pages. The combination of action and romance, mixed with a few tough choices, kept me turning the pages faster and faster. Aileen Erin didn't pull any punches with her writing or her characters, and I ended up devouring the book in one sitting. Though the book wasn't perfect, the pacing slowing a bit in some spots, it didn't dim my enjoyment at all. I highly recommend reading the series in order or this book might lose some of its sparkle. I look forward to reading more from this series and this author. If you love reading paranormal—new adult—romances, this is the series for you!


Previous books in the series:

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Jennifer @ Bad Bird Reads
Jennifer @ Bad Bird Reads
8 years ago

I am really into Alphas reads right now and this sounds good.

Stacey Brutger
Stacey Brutger
8 years ago

Yes, there are a lot of alphas in the book, including an alpha female, but the story is New Adult told from a female POV. Some romance but no sex.

The first book took a few chapters to get into, but I thought it was worth sticking with it.

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