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Like the song says…Baby, It's Cold Outside!Frost


Saturday had a high of -2, dropping down to a -22 at night. That would be -40 with wind chill.


Sunday had a high of -7.


Monday had a high of 2. Since I didn't drive for the last two days, the auto-start on my car did not work.


One of my cats ventured outside for a little walk on the wild side. She stood around for a few seconds, then began picking up each foot and shaking them off. In under a minute, she turned tail and scurried back inside the safety of the house. *smart cat* Dog is not so smart and stayed out longer. After ten minutes, the dog came back inside with his whiskers and face all encrusted with snow from just breathing. Needless to say, he's been staying cooped up in the house with me. All. Day. Long.


Let's just say that labs are not meant to be indoor dogs and leave it at that. *sigh*


It's been so cold that the computer in my car resets every night. It's so cold that even letting my car warm up, I can still see my breath for a few minutes while driving.


So yeah, it's cold here. We're supposed to get a heat wave this weekend – a whopping high of 20 degrees. Score!

Do you have any cold weather stories? Is it any warmer where you are?


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