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Review: Of Flame and Promise: A Weird Girls Novel by Cecy Robson

I fell in love with the first book of the Weird Girls Novels — Sealed with a Curse. Of Flame and Promise is a spin-off of the same series, where one of the sisters is the main lead. This book reminded me why I enjoyed this series so much, mixing romance and action in an irresistible combination!!



Title: Of Flame and Promise: A Weird Girls Novel

Author: Cecy Robson

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Forever/Random House LLC via NetGalley

Release date: January 2016

Pages: 181



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Cursed by a spell meant to destroy them, Taran Wird and her sisters instead developed unique magical talents. With the power of fire and lightning literally at her fingertips, Taran doesn’t fear much. Demons, vamps, whatever—bring ’em on! Only one thing terrifies her: commitment.


Taran is crazy about her boyfriend, Gemini, a sexy were with the incredible ability to split into two separate wolves. But after watching her sister go through heartbreak with the pack’s Alpha, Taran knows not to count on happily ever after—despite Gemini’s desire to claim her as his mate. Reluctantly, she agrees to meet his very traditional and conservative parents. Taran’s a badass with a mouth to match, and Gemini loves her for it. She’s just not positive these attributes will please Mom and Dad.


Unsurprisingly, every attempt by Taran to bond with Gemini’s folks proves disastrous. But in the end, Taran finds that winning them over means unleashing her powers . . . and proving that this foul-mouthed fire-starter is a force to be reckoned with.




Taran and her sisters were cursed, but the spell backfired, resulting in each girl inheriting a special gift. Together, the Weird family are an unstoppable combination . . . until they are dragged into the paranormal world of witches, vampires and weres. Neither a witch nor a were, they are considered outsiders and must fight for respect and their very survival in a world infested with demons and rogue tribe members bend on destroying the world. It's so not a time to fall in love, but Taran has never had good timing and fell hard for Gemini. After a rough childhood, Taran's not sure she believes in happy-ever-after, but when they are attacked, Taran vows to do whatever it takes to make sure Gemini survives . . . even if it means sacrificing everything.


I adore Taran and her foul mouth. Not only does she have a kick-ass power of controlling fire and lightning, she doesn't take shit from anyone. She's not afraid to put herself out there. The only thing holding her back is herself. Taran had a rough childhood and doesn't believe in forever. I love the way Gemini tries his best to convince her otherwise. The meeting of the parents is hilarious! A few minor things held me back from 5 stars. It took me a little while to get into the book. Of Flame and Promise is a kind of prequel book, so it is not the next book in the series. I wished we had more time to get to know Gemini. He took a key roll in the fight scenes, but he almost seemed a side character in his own book. Also, one of Taran's main hang-up is her rough childhood, but we're never told what happened and left wondering. Despite all that, Of Flame and Promise reminded me why I loved the Weird Girls Novels so much. This book has everything — a touch of humor, sizzling magic, a kick-ass heroine, an adoring hero, and such great action scenes that I read the book in one sitting. Can't wait for the next book in the series.



Previous books in the series (Aren't the covers gorgeous!!):

There are also a number of novellas available as well.

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