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Review: Ancient Magic (Dragon's Gift: The Huntress Book 1) by Linsey Hall

I'll admit the cover is the first thing that caught my attention on this book. It lured me into peeking at the blurb. Magic and dragons and griffins…Sold! What a perfect read!




Title: Ancient Magic (Dragon's Gift: The Huntress Book 1)

Author: Linsey Hall 

Genre: New Adult Urban Fantasy

Publisher: Bonnie Doon Press via NetGalley

Release date: April 2016

Pages: 199



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Cass Clereaux is good at two things: finding treasure and killing demons. Lying low is a close third—but not because she wants to be good at hiding. Cass is a FireSoul, one of the unlucky few to inherit a piece of the dragon’s soul. Being born with the dragon’s covetousness should be a sweet gig—she has the power to find and steal any type of treasure, including the powers of other supernaturals.


But it doesn’t come without a price – stealing powers requires that she kill, and others would destroy her if they discover what she is. In a world full of magic, hiding her powers is the only way to survive. Finding magical artifacts and killing demons are the only ways to pay the bills. It’s a dangerous job when you can barely use your magic, but that’s one of the things she likes about it.


When Aidan Merrick, the most powerful shifter in the city, hires her to find an ancient scroll, she doesn’t want to take the job. His immense amount of power reminds her of too much of murky memories from a past she can’t remember. But she doesn’t have a choice. The scroll will reveal what she is. And if anyone finds out, she’s dead.



Cass and her sisters don't remember their past, only that someone was hunting them, so they do their best to live under the radar. Cass is a FireSoul, a person born with the ability to steal powers of another supernatural…the catch? Stealing their powers kills them. Hated and reviled, FireSouls hide themselves for fear of being imprisoned or outright killed—it doesn't matter if they're innocent or not. Cass is a treasure hunter who uses her dragon gift to find things she covets most. When Aiden Merrick hires her to find a magical scroll, she almost turned him down. He was too powerful, too male. Worse—the dragon part of her she keeps hidden urges her to claim him as part of her hoard. Unfortunately, if anyone gets their hands on that scroll, her secrets would be revealed and could cost her everything…even her very life.


Cass is a hoot! Her quirky personality and wry humor pulled me right into the story. The worldbuilding is unique, the characters so well written that they came alive off the pages. I love Aiden's and Cass's unique abilities. Cass doesn't hold back in battle and can really kick ass. Aiden is strong enough to let Cass take charge, but knows when to step in and pull her out of trouble. From the very first time Cass and Aiden met, sparks fly. Aiden's refusal to back down is very enduring, his patience matching her stubbornness perfectly. Though they fell for each other a bit too quickly, they felt like the perfect couple. The only draw back was Cass seemed to have two modes—thinking about battle (I loved all the action!) or thinking about Aiden (which became a little repetitive). Overall, a fantastic read. I can't wait for book two!


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