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New Release - Electric Curse

Electric Curse


I'm both pleased and sad to announce my new release Electric Curse, the sixth and final book in my Raven Investigations Series: 

Electric Curse – A Raven Investigations Novel : Book 6


Here is a little blurb for you: 

The action-packed conclusion to the Raven Investigations Series…



Raven has lived on the fringes of the human and supernatural worlds for years, until one wrong move sets her on a collision course with a team of trained killers. Being hunted is nothing new, but when she accidently triggers a curse and the monster under her skin vanishes, her worst nightmares become reality. Instead of retreating into her fears, she places her trust in her pack, letting them show her what it really means to be their alpha.


In a race to create the perfect super soldier, both sides of the war believe Raven is the key to their survival. When her very existence places her pack in jeopardy, she’ll fight tooth and claw for the return of the beast she’s feared her entire life, because one thing she and the creature can agree on—all that matters is the safety of their pack.


Only when the ancient creature that nearly destroyed the world a millennia ago rises again does everyone realize the true danger—they must either come together or watch the world burn.


A Raven Investigations Series : Book 6


Here is a little sneak peek of Raven learning how to control her powers…



Taggert edged closer, his eyes warming as he scanned her face, and Raven ducked away from his attention, uncomfortably aware of their audience. “What are you doing?”


He tipped up her chin, forcing her to meet his gaze. “We’re here to push your endurance and test to determine how much you can handle.”


Her heart trembled, and she fought not to retreat, her thoughts getting tangled up when his mouth crashed down on hers. While her power remained dormant, the mating heat didn’t, and she gave into the urge to kiss him back, trying to remember why this was such a bad idea.


A wolf whistle pierced the air, and Raven jerked away. She should be embarrassed, but the kiss felt too good to regret it. She breathed deeply, humming when she caught his fresh woodlands scent.


“We’re going to run a series of tests,” Luca interrupted, and her attention swung to him. His eyes went wide, and he swallowed heavily. “Uh…”


“Never run from a shifter.” She muttered the words, which should already be his mantra after living with shifters for the past few months.


“Right.” His head bobbed up and down repeatedly, and he tugged at his collar as he cleared his throat. Kyle and Brant took pity on him, and walked up to stand on either side of him, which gave him courage. He stood straighter and met her eyes. “How do you feel?”


She checked herself, then again, surprised when she didn’t feel any echoes of pain. “I’m good,” she murmured, almost not sure she believed it.


The churning magic in her lay calm for the first time in her life.


“Does it feel like it’s consuming you?”


Raven thought about it, but the magic was stable, no longer trying to worm through her like acid trying to eat its way out of her. She lifted her hands and stared down at them in awe. “The magic is calm.”


She wasn’t sure she trusted it, but hope flickered to life in her soul for the first time in ages.


“We’re going to throw balls at you, and we want you to stop them with magic.”


Raven jerked her attention back to Luca and studied him more closely, thinking he was pulling her leg, but seconds later each of the three wolves pulled out a bucket of tennis balls. Their smiles were tentative at first, as if fearing a reprimand, but she glanced at Luca and shrugged. “You’re the boss.”


She stepped away from the ledge, not wanting to be knocked over the side if she was hit with a fastball. She would survive the fall, but she wasn’t sure the kids would survive a full pack of enraged males descending on them.


She shifted side to side on her feet, watching while the three young shifters took up positions around her. Taggert leaned against the wall, his face impassive, but she could tell by the way his muscles were standing out in his arms that he was barely holding himself back.


When he caught her looking, he gave her a nod. He would do anything for her, even if it meant torture for him. When she hesitated, he gave her a gentle smile that set her heart fluttering against her ribs.


She turned away, struggling to get her emotions under control. “How does this work?”


“Instinct.” Luca gave her a wicked grin, then whipped a tennis ball directly at her.


Before she could form a thought, she ducked, and the ball went whizzing over her head.


“Not like that.” Luca scowled.


Raven repressed her urge to smile. “Instinct said duck.”


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I hope you enjoyed this little peek into pack life. To find out what happens between her and the rest of her pack, be sure to visit

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5 years ago

Hello Im just wonder when electric curse comes out on kobo. Thank you for the series its one of my favs

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