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New Release: Wrongfully Magicked

My new release is a dark paranormal romance called Wrongfully Magicked – Crime Always Pays Novel. 🖤❤❤🖤

I'm so excited for you guys to meet Anita and her mates!!
As soon as I saw the cover, the characters immediately started demanding attention!
There were only supposed to be four men in the harem, but Stryker insisted that he was Anita's mate as well. After meeting him, I HAD to add him to the harem–he's just too adorable to resist! Who am I to deny fate, right?

New Release Wrongfully MagickedBlurb….
They say crime doesn’t pay…they would be wrong.
Being the weakest mage ever born into my prestigious family line has put me at odds with my relatives—torture and death threats tend to make family dinners so awkward.
Arrested for a crime I didn’t commit, the last thing I expect is to be rescued by a motley crew of the most unlikely men—three beastlings and a mage! While mages might be regarded as egotistical twits, beastlings are often viewed as animals with little control over their baser urges—so it makes absolutely no sense that the longer I’m with the antisocial, slightly psychotic idiots, the more intriguing I find them.
In order to survive, we must hunt down a rogue killer, dodge bounty hunters, and discover the real reason why my family wants me dead—easy-peasy! Despite trying to keep my distance from the infuriating, sexy men, the devious hunks somehow stole a piece of my heart. Now, I’ll do anything to protect them, even make a deal with the devil himself…
Meet the mates: Anita—a tortured, bloodthirsty mage with trust issues, Porter—the literal boogeyman who hides in the darkness, Cassius—a surly basilisk who would rather bite you than smile, Darby—a tech wizard who pretends to be more machine than man so he doesn’t have to feel, Soren—a three-headed hellhound who loves playing with fire, and Stryker—an adorably sweet snow leopard stuck in his beastling form.

Soren Possessive

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