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Review: Pure Blooded (Jessica McClain Book 5) by Amanda Carlson

I've been reading the Jessica McClain series from the beginning. The writing is top-notch, the characters kick-ass, so when I saw book five was just released, I quickly grabbed a copy. Aren't the covers gorgeous?!




Title: Pure Blooded (Jessica McClain Book 5) 

Author: Amanda Carlson

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Hachette Book Group/Orbit via NetGalley

Release date: June 2015

Pages: 314


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Nowhere left to run.


Back from Hell, Jessica arrives to find her world thrown into chaos. Her father is fighting a losing battle against the Made wolves, and when Jessica and her crew rush to his aid, they discover the war is not as straightforward as it seems. Something larger is on the hunt, something ancient and powerful that won't rest until Jessica is dead. Now Jessica's plan of attack must change — but how can she defeat someone who can predict her every move?




Jessica returns from Hell, spending some well-deserved time off with Rourke, her main squeeze. *Yum* But the real world cuts their vacation short. Rabid wolves have migrated south, spreading chaos in their wake. Her father gives pursuit, determined to rid them from the world, but soon discovers that things are not quite what they seem. Members of the pack start to disappear, and Jessica fears her father might be next. When she rushes to his side, she falls into a carefully set trap and is ripped away from her pack. If she fails to discover the truth, she'll lose everything she holds dear…her father, her pack, her love, not to mention her very life.


I love that the book takes off with a bang, with tons of action and adventure to suck me into the story. Unfortunately, the pacing seems a little off during the whole book. While I found the world building fascinating, the story soon becomes bogged down — with too much internal contemplation, too little time with her pack (I wanted more Rourke!), and too much explanation — to keep up with the promising beginning. Jessica seems to take a back role in her own story, following step-by-step directions to get herself out of trouble. By half way through the book, I figured out what bothered me most…the mystery was solved before we reached the end. I kept waiting for the next big problem, but the ending just petered out, the last few chapters used to set-up the next book. What could've been a fascinating story ended up getting buried. So, while I love this series, this book suffers from the dreaded middle book slump. I found myself more interested in the last few chapters than the first half of the book. That being said, I can't wait to see what's in store next for Jessica and her pack.


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