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Electric Night

Book 5: Raven Investigations Series

About the Book

An insidious evil endangers the fragile peace between the humans and paranormals. If war erupts, neither side will emerge unscathed. 

Raven will go to any extreme to locate the missing member of her pack, even confront her murky past that still has the power to haunt her. A wild hunt leads her to an isolated mountaintop, where she and her pack are taken captive, and she learns that her nightmares are all-to real and more dangerous than ever. Every minute is a struggle to stay alive against the humans who would use her kind as nothing more than test subjects in their fanatical search to create the ultimate weapon against paranormals.

Every minute is a struggle to stay alive…

Determined no one else should suffer the tortures she endured as a child, Raven risks everything to destroy the labs, even bringing her pack to the brink of annihilation. If she can’t make peace with her past, she will not only lose her pack, but incite an all-out war between humans and paranormals.

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The Details

Published: March 5, 2017
Publisher: Stacey Brutger
Formats: Ebook
ISBN-10: 1544220650ISBN-13: 978-1544220659ASIN: B06XJBNV8T
Genres & Tropes
Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Fantasy, Romantic Fantasy