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Raven Investigations Boxed Set 1

Raven Investigations Books 1-3

About the Book

A gritty urban fantasy where only the most cunning survive.

Electric Storm 

Survival will demand the ultimate price…

Everything changed when Raven, a natural born conduit, accidentally walks in on a slave auction. She only wants a night out with friends before her next case as a paranormal liaison with the police. Instead, she ends up in possession of a shifter and his guardian. When your touch can kill, living with two touchy-feely shifters is a disaster waiting to happen. To make matters worse, a vicious killer is on the loose. If they hope to survive, they must work together as a pack or risk becoming hunted themselves.

Electric Moon

While the moon’s call rips through the shifter community, a killer stalks for prey amongst them. Tempers rise, lust explodes, and the consequences of either can prove to be deadly.

Raven’s very private life explodes into the spotlight when she is nominated as a Region on the paranormal police force. With the safety of the pack paramount, she will do whatever is necessary to protect them. In return, they are teaching her how to navigate the dangerous shifter community and control the moon’s call where even the most innocent touch could destroy her carefully crafted world. As more shifters die, the lines between duty and loyalty blur. She must dig into the dark corners of the paranormal world, secrets that they would kill to protect, and find the reason behind the deaths before her pack becomes the next target.

Electric Heat

Ancient magic has been unleashed into the world. It’s willing to do anything to survive, even if it means war. Only one woman can kill it … or set it free.

The local witches’ coven offers Raven a trade—Surrender herself to them for one week or lose a member of her pack. She thought they wanted to study her, but Raven discovers something far worse—murder. Witches are being drained of power and killed using a wild magic that’s been dormant for centuries. Tasked with locating the one responsible, Raven soon finds herself the prey rather than the hunter. As she scrambles to unravel the secrets of the coven, her own beast starts to wake, and she begins to wonder which is more dangerous…the killer or her beast. But one thing is sure, if the coven and pack don’t learn to work together, none of them will survive the coming storm.

When darkness is unleashed … no one is safe.

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The Details

Published: May 25, 2015
Publisher: Stacey Brutger
Formats: Ebook
Genres & Tropes
Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Fantasy, Romantic Fantasy